Rail Corridor segment featured on KION Central Coast

Watch Business Council Vice Chair Michael Termini of Triad Electric and SCCBC Executive Director Robert Singleton comment on the rail corridor in a recent segment featured on KION Central Coast. The interview was in response to the SCCBC endorsement of a trail only option. The segment focuses on safety and why the Business Council favors other transportation investments to address our traffic problems.

Visit KION to watch the video.


  1. D Martin on August 19, 2017 at 12:54 am

    I do not understand nor support this decision to support trail only and the removal of the rails. You are supporting the elimination of future transportation options – and as I understand it, possible right of way easements. Or perhaps members look forward to buying shares of the corridor, as proposed by the trail only group.

    Ironically, the Infrastructure&Transportation section of your website displays the image of a train. You may need to rethink that now.