UCSC Friday Forums: EDGI

Environmental Data & Governance InitiativeMembers and staff of the SCCBC attended today’s UCSC Friday Forum featuring Chancellor George Blumenthal and Assistant Professor Lindsey Dillon. The presentation focused on the foundation and recent activities of the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative (EDGI).

Ms. Dillon co-founded EDGI, a network of academics and professionals, after the elections of November 2016 in response to threats to federal environmental and energy policy, and to the scientific research infrastructure by the incoming administration. EDGI has been building online toolsevents, and research networks to proactively archive public environmental data and ensure its continued public availability. They also monitor changes to federal regulation, enforcement, research, funding, websites and general agency management at agencies including EPA, DOE, NASA, NOAA, and OSHA.

This was a very enlightening presentation and EDGI is doing great work. UCSC is planning to expand the Friday Forums this fall with lunch and evening sessions, so keep an eye on our events calendar and newsletter for info on upcoming sessions.