SCCBC 2018 Primary Election Results

Its officially been a week since California’s 2018 Midterm Election.Since then Business Council staff have been coming back to life and returning our full attention back to our SCCBC work. In this most recent election SCCBC staff was involved in several local measures as well as keeping constant tabs on a few statewide initiatives and candidates. Though not every vote has been counted, we thought we’d give you a run down of how things will likely settle.

As your staff representing the local Business Community, we want to give you our perspective on what happened in this most recent election, and the implications for you as our local business leaders. If you want to check out how the winners lined up with SCCBC’s endorsements you can look over the Board of Directors’ endorsements here. We’re not covering every candidate and proposition, so if you are curious about how those shook out you can look over the local numbers here, or the statewide voter information here.

Full recap below:

SCCBC Election Recap