County Board of Supervisors Approves Economic Vitality Study & Vision

After over a year of crafting and refinement, the County Board of Supervisors formally approved the Economic Vitality Study and Economic Development Vision & Strategy at their November 18th meeting. What initially began as a single “strategy” document, evolved into what is now being termed as a Study, along with a companion piece, the Vision & Strategy. The Study outlines the broad framework for the County’s future efforts in both stimulating their own, and supporting other economic development efforts. The Vision & Strategy details how the County’s work will be conducted, including a specific work plan, a proposed structure for the soon to be established Economic Development Department and various collaborative efforts that will be undertaken with external stakeholder groups.

Here is a link to both the Economic Vitality Study and its companion piece, the Economic Development Vision & Strategy.

SCCBC staff is in the process of reviewing both the Study and Vision & Strategy. Once our review is complete, we will be posted analysis here. Please check back for updates.