County accepting public comments on draft Economic Vitality Strategy; Mason to visit with SCCBC Board in June

At their May 20th meeting, the County Board of Supervisors approved the release of the County’s Economic Vitality Strategy (EVS) draft for public review/comment. The review period of 45 days will conclude on Friday, July 7th. Since the Board of Supervisors does not meeting during the month of July, it is likely that the next formal discussion of the EVS will take place in early August 2014.

SCCBC’s Government Affairs and Economic Development Committee, has spent considerable time with County officials in helping shape the draft EVS. The Committee will spend the next four (4) weeks breaking down the EVS, section-by-section, to ensure that our feedback on the document is thorough and well thought out. With the EVS weighing in at over 100 pages, the Committee will work to drill things down to a couple of pages of key items of particular interest to SCCBC. After the Committee completes its analysis, SCCBC staff will share our thoughts on the EVS with the entire SCCBC membership through VoterVoice. There will be an opportunity for each SCCBC member to provide their comments. Additionally, we will encourage individual members to send their thoughts along to the Board of Supervisors during the public comment period.

Our intent is to provide County officials with thoughtful, comprehensive feedback from the countywide business community by the end of the 45 day public comment period.

At their June 19th meeting, the SCCBC Board of Directors will hear a presentation on the draft EVS given by County economic development director Barbara Mason. As is always the case, the Board meeting is open to all SCCBC members who wish to attend.